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What a strenuous day!!

Our muscles are darn sore after carrying all these precious gems that have just arrived to our studio apparently we still have work (plenty of!) cut out for us!

Guitarholic_hk never stops searching for the best axes around the world. We ain’t messing around and we are highly selective for our collections! Why? Because we are only technically running a business but in reality we are just a bunch of genuine guitar fanatics and guitar tone seekers who are constantly suffering from Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) at its most severe form. We have a supportive network and WE KNOW what’s good and collectible given all the time, money and passion we invested throughout the years! We just enjoy sharing our happiness and excitement from collecting all these amazing guitars with our friends from around the world and hopefully we can trade with each other sometimes so that our binge guitar shopping can be a little bit more sustainable! Anyway!! Thank you all for your support all along!! Stay tuned and keep checking out our new crazy stuff coming ahead!!!

“Only the best are good enough for us” 店內每一枝結他,都是我們願意一直擁有的珍藏


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